Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Statistics show that the average wedding takes approximately 250 hours to plan (that is equivalent to over 6 full work weeks!)… A Planner can save you the time spent researching and planning. A Planner can also help you prioritize your vendors, get your budget in order, provide qualified vendor referrals, accompany you to vendor meetings and know what questions to ask, review vendor contracts, negotiate on your behalf, and save you money. Not to mention a Planner provides creative décor and design ideas! And that final month prior to your wedding, a Day of Coordinator will confirm your vendors, make a timeline, run your rehearsal, and be there to make sure that you, your family, and friends enjoy a totally stress-free day!

What makes Us so special From Other Planners & Designers?

As certified wedding planners, we have a commitment to being: educated, aware of current trends, precise, timely, organized, creative, quick problem solvers, and Super Fun! We are unique because we are diverse in life experiences, ages and culture. I’ve also spent COUNTLESS hours creating a systematic and streamlined process by which we work with each client (I’m a nerd that way). This way, no matter which planner you work with, your experience will follow “The T of E-Way”.

Finally, to ensure a quality of service and proper supervision of my team, We personally limit ourselves to 10-12 full-service weddings per planner/year. This ensures that we are able to properly follow-up with all clients to ensure their planning process is the “T of E Way.”

I am already working with a catering manager or venue Coordinator& He/She is Very helpful. Why DO I need your Help?

Typically, Catering Managers & Venue Managers at hotels or venues have the job of overseeing the wedding details that are directly related to the venue (and sometimes the food and beverage as well). It is not in their job description to confirm or oversee the vendors, run your rehearsal, cue you down the aisle at your ceremony, and make sure all of the day’s events are running according to schedule. As Professional Wedding Planners, our services supplement the services offered by your Catering Manager, Banquet Manager & Staff, Venue Coordinator and other vendors.

How much control will I have on my wedding day if you are planning it for me?

We are an extension of your wishes and expectations for your day. You will be granted access to a web-based collaboration and communication tool so we can all stay on the same page and allow you to maintain control of your wedding.

In the same breath, it’s all about trust. Trust that we have taken the utmost care to ensure that you get not only what you deserve, but also what you paid for…the most fabulous wedding possible. All eyes will be on you. So enjoy!

Will you be working with Event Professionals I've Already found or people i really want to work?

Yes. We are happy to collaborate with your wedding and event professionals to make sure your wishes are taken into consideration with every detail.

What Size Weddings do you work on?

We love to work with all size weddings from 50 guests to 3000 guests. Every wedding big or small needs a Touch of Elegance to give it the right style and feel!

this all sounds great, but it also sounds exspensive. are we going to be able to afford all of this?

Having a wedding planner pays for itself! It’s never an extra cost when it is incorporated in your overall budget. And you have to ask yourself can you put a price on peace of mind? There have been several people who opted to plan their own weddings because of “cost”. However, those who invested in T of E Events have time and time again admitted to us that their day, quite frankly, would have been a “mess” had we not been in the house! We can help you avoid that too. We are PROFESSIONALS that only have your best interest in mind so when you’re looking around for a “deal” remember you get what you pay for.

How much is this going to cost?

We create custom proposals to meet the needs of each client. Final investments will be determined by the services you are interested in, level of involvement you would like from our team, as well as the size and complexity of your event. Please refer to your planning location for starting at pricing. Average pricing ranges from 1,000 to 4,000. To work with the Owner: Carrie Gentry for Full Service Planning pricing begins at 8,000.

Do you take more than 1 wedding per day?

No. Each Planner & Coordinator Only takes 1 event a Day.

We're having a destination wedding, do you travel?

Yes. We love destination weddings and have been lucky enough to travel all over the world coordinating weddings. We particularly Love to organize Sandals WeddingMoons, Beaches Weddings, and Secrets Destinations. We’ve worked with these resorts many times and have found that our couples received the most bang for their buck with these resorts.

Send us your information on your travel ideas. We will create a custom destination package to suit your needs.